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Meet Jack's Unique, Fun, and Crying Candles

We are Sculpy, the creator of 'the Jacks' candle project. We are a team consisting of two graphic designers, a 3D artist, and a sculptor. We have always enjoyed surprising our friends by creating things that have never existed before. Therefore, since we met in university, we decided to form a team and embark on the journey of creating unique objects. We aspired to establish our own brand with a distinct sensibility. After working in our individual fields, we founded our own company in 2013. The Jacks candle series is our first venture, aiming to bring fun and unique "things" into your everyday life. How did the idea come about? One of our team members, who is a sculptor, has a hobby of creating useless things with a 3D printer. One day, he realized he didn't have an ashtray, so he designed a skull-shaped ashtray for his cigarettes, and Sophie lit a candle inside it. And then an idea emerged... We thought it would be fun to depict the dripping of wax as tears flo