Meet Jack's Unique, Fun, and Crying Candles

We are Sculpy, the creator of 'the Jacks' candle project. We are a team consisting of two graphic designers, a 3D artist, and a sculptor.

We have always enjoyed surprising our friends by creating things that have never existed before. Therefore, since we met in university, we decided to form a team and embark on the journey of creating unique objects. We aspired to establish our own brand with a distinct sensibility. After working in our individual fields, we founded our own company in 2013.

The Jacks candle series is our first venture, aiming to bring fun and unique "things" into your everyday life.

How did the idea come about?

One of our team members, who is a sculptor, has a hobby of creating useless things with a 3D printer. One day, he realized he didn't have an ashtray, so he designed a skull-shaped ashtray for his cigarettes, and Sophie lit a candle inside it.

And then an idea emerged...

We thought it would be fun to depict the dripping of wax as tears flowing from the skull. By expanding our product lines, we created our first The Jacks candle series.

How do we make the holders and candles?


When we started our project, it wasn't easy to bring something from our minds into reality. The first challenge was selecting the right material for the holder. The material for 3D printing was too expensive, and working with metal to create molds proved to be difficult. Among all the options, ceramic was the perfect material: environmentally friendly and affordable. It even lightened the burden for our customers.

However, finding a craftsman who could actually create a mold with our prototype was challenging. We approached dozens of craftsmen, but they all declined, except for one with 40 years of experience in the field. Through collaboration with him and overcoming numerous difficulties, the first prototype was created.

Initially, we encountered several technical difficulties in producing the entire body without separating it into pieces. Therefore, we decided to divide the body into three different parts and assemble them after creating each part separately.

We needed 17 mold pieces for the three different parts (Not good)

However, during the baking process, the three different parts twisted, creating lines on the ceramic surfaces. That wasn't the result we wanted.

We didn't give up and started making molds ourselves. We conducted numerous simulations with a computer and created a mold using a 3D printer, which was more precise than a human hand.

Finally, we were able to reduce the number of mold pieces from 17 to 5 and create the entire body as one piece.